About us
Barbie King Kong is a technology company who focus on Feminine Hygiene ,our founding team from Peking University Health Science Center and Peking University School of economics .Through unremitting efforts ,we developed our own brand "Mimimi" feminine care series successfully. Actually Gynecological infection is more common than a cold ,but most women don’t feel comfortable talking about it. ,We want to create a better attitude about discussing women’s health and bring the aesthetics into the world of feminine hygiene. Barbie king kong approach gynecology gracefully.
We believe
When women take control of their body, we can achieve a higher status in this country. Gynecological infections and diseases bring discomfort into a woman’s life. And on psychological level -- it can bring on stress, affect your sex life and can even affect fertility or cause cancer. Gynecological wellness has always been the largest health issue for women. It’s important to maintain the health of vagina and love oneself.
The team
Barbie King Kong members are picked from young and talent in medical technology world . each team member from a background in medical hardware and entrepreneurship.
Time line